Monday, 15 November 2010

The Richness of Storytelling

Sometimes I am amazed at the speed in which word can travel with the Internet and email. I wrote about my 'Book of the Week' for the school newsletter and sent the piece to the editor for publication on Friday of last week (we have a weekly newsletter), then that very same afternoon I had a parent in the library, who having seen the recommendation wanted to borrow the book. As it was 5.30pm on a Friday afternoon and I had shut down the catalogue I could not give her the book for the weekend but one was on the go and they could wait until Monday I was assured. Today the young boy in question came to get his book and as soon as I had it on my desk another teacher and another pupil both wanted to borrow it.

Is it the cover, the author name or the title I wonder? Perhaps it was my glowing recommendation. Whatever the reason this book is proving popular with my readers already so I felt that I really must recommend it to you - my Armadillo followers.

So what is this mystery book that is attracting so much attention? It is the new title from the widely talented David Walliams. The author of The Boy in the Dress and Mr Stink has now written Billionaire Boy. Published by Harper Collins this book looks like a big novel. It is a thick hardback with quite a few pages but open the book and find that it is a story packed with the wonderful illustrations of the much loved Tony Ross and a story that could be read by readers as young as 7 or as old as 77 for it is funny, accessible and a good read. It also conveys an important message about money - it really isn't everything, as Joe, the really, really rich main character is about to find out.

So do get your hands on a copy if you can, and let me know what you think too!

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