Sunday, 27 September 2009

Interactive Picture Book Pleasure

Apologies for my absence from the blog, this has been the result of a sudden and unexpected family bereavement. However I have still been reading and here, for your enjoyment, are my latest musings....

Interactive picture books are becoming more popular for children and I for one am envious, I would have loved to have some of this selection when I was a child, but then I think we made our own entertainment and learnt to have fun reading with the classic ladybird books, many of which I still have. My nephews and god-children are often the lucky recipients of some of the wonderful books that come into my possession, those that my husband claims we have no room for, but these might just have to stay!

When I Dream of Ten Little Fairies and Ten Little Racing Cars: A Speedy Counting Book, illustrated by Sania Rescek and Charles E Reasoner respectively are two of the latest interactive story books from Tide Mill Press. The front cover of each book presents the reader with a cut-out image of the ten characters to be found in the book. Ten Little Fairies are presented with glittery tutu’s whilst the ten racing cars are each numbered. Turn the pages of each title, follow the simple and charming, rhyming story and discover what will happen to each of them as the story progresses. There is a special surprise for the reader at the end of each book and the charming stories will help readers develop a love of reading as well as important sequencing and counting skills.

Let’s Take a Trip on Animal Airways is the third wonderful title, this interactive story takes readers on a flight of fantasy and adventure around the world on an aeroplane full of animals. Children can take part in the story by pulling the novelty plastic ribbon through the pages to ensure the plane pops up and its new passengers are visible. With colourful imagery and fun characters this book encourages children to take an active role in their reader, learn to count, recognise animals and learn where they have come from. It is a great story, a fun book and a great learning experience.

Reading and counting are crucial skills for young children to develop, these books offer a fabulous opportunity for parents to help their children learn to count, learn to enjoy stories and rhyme and celebrate the joy of innovative book publishing. With beautiful, bright and delightful illustration these books will mesmerise and charm young boys and girls alike.