Sunday, 24 May 2009

New Books, Old Books...

Having just been at the inspirational 'Something Old, Something New' Write Away conference I am thrilled that there are so many teachers, librarians, readers, writers, poets, publishers and booksellers (have I forgotten anyone?) keen to promote books both old and new, find classics for the future and remind us all how good books will stand the test of time. We are constantly reminded to re-use and re-cycle, why not apply this practice to books? We can and certainly should continue to encourage the new but remind ourselves of the old and use it for inspiration.

The content for Issue 2 of Armadillo is now with the web editors so I am going to go and sit in the garden to enjoy the bank holiday sunshine and read a book - a new one - in preparation for an interview later this week (I shall report on it next week), I encourage you all to follow my example, take a rest, sit back with a good book and enjoy the opportunity of an extra day off.
Do you need a suggestion for a good book to read? Well there is always the Branford Boase award short list with some fantastic title, among them Emily Diamand's 'Flood Child', she is a new talent to be watched. Or there is the scary 'The Toymaker' by Jeremy De Quidt, the gripping and dark 'Knife of Never Letting Go' by Patrick Ness among others. Visit the website at for more details.

Now I am off to enjoy my half term week with the large pile of books that are clamouring for my attention!

Louise x

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Well, It is Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining and I am writing my first blog post! I should, I suppose, set out my aims for this blog which are to promote the Armadillo Magazine, children's literature and reading.

As a school librarian and editor of Armadillo Magazine, I feel very strongly about exciting children about books and reading, there are so many things that I want to say and so much content that could go into the magazine that I want to be able to bring to you on a regular basis, that I have decided to start this blog.

So watch this space for my weekly news and remember to visit the magazine, read the reviews and other features from my wonderful team and help us to promote literature to and for children...

Louise x