Friday, 12 November 2010

More About those Greeks

Sadly much of the material remains of the Ancient Greek culture we viewed in Athens had been badly damaged over the centuries, the result of many wars, but happily ancient Greek myth, culture and stories have remained popular.

In fact it is the stories and myths which have come down to us that have extended the life of this ancient culture and continue to bring it to life in our modern world. It seems to me that children do learn about the Greeks and Romans in school but they also want to learn about them. So often when we have classes on these subjects the children are desperately keen to share their knowledge of the stories.

For all these children, and others yet to discover their love of ancient Greek stories I have two excellent books to recommend. The first is probably not for purists but The Comic Strip Greatest Greek Myths by Tracey Turner and Sally Kindberg is a wonderful introduction to the subject which contains all the most famous myths in a brand new light - through comedy and graphic pictures. Great for reluctant readers, struggling readers and anyone who enjoys taking a new angle on something old!

On the other hand a book which is most definitely for sharing and would make a wonderful gift for the enthusiast is Ann Turnbull's Greek myths. With stunning and sumptuous illustration from the pen (or pencil?) of Sarah Young this is a beautifully written and stunning collection of some of the most famous Greek myths. It is a book to be shared and treasured. With 17 stories there is something for every reader and it acts as a great introduction to the world of the Greeks and their stories - I urge you to find this, pick it up and delve in - you won't be sorry and maybe one day you too will find yourself in Athens or Greece admiring the many places where these stories are set.

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