Friday, 30 July 2010

Summer Holiday Fun

Bored already? Children declaring there is nothing to do? Need some useful ideas for activities to keep the kids out of trouble for the remainder of the holiday?

The most recent Armadillo Magazine competition challenged readers to submit top tips for keeping the family entertained this summer, from the great entries submitted I have selected winners whose books are on the way to them. In the meantime, because some of the ideas were just so good I am featuring them here.

I hope this keeps the kids and family entertained for a couple of weeks as I am off on my summer holidays tomorrow so you won’t be hearing from me for two weeks!

Anyway back to those tips, here are samples from the top three:

Pay a visit to your local library and select a book, this book will provide the family with a theme for the week and each member of the family must then use this theme to create or organize a related activity.

An example of this may be the book of choice being Gilbert in the Deep by Jane Clarke. This is a book about a giant shark and as such activities could include:

Having a fish and chip supper

Going for a swim

Investigating shark infested rock pools at the beach

If it is raining making a fish mobile to hang in the house

Theme around the family summer holiday. If it happens to be camping then hunt second hand and pound shops for camping accessories and create a mini camping adventure in the park or garden to get the kids in the mood. Then afterwards make up a scrap book to remember the day. This is a great idea that could be applied in lots of different situations.

Write activity ideas on scraps of paper, fill an empty jar with them and then when the kids are bored pull one out and endeavour to do it!

Have fun and do let me know how you manage to keep those kids entertained!

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