Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Fabled cities, personality disorders and master criminals may not instantly come to mind in the same thought but when you are spending an evening in the company of Eoin Colfer then they are quite a natural collection of ideas!

Last night an invited audience of booksellers, the media and publishers celebrated the launch of Eoin Colfer's 7th Artemis Fowl adventure. Eoin has now been writing about Artemis for 9 years and despite a break of two years during which he completed a novel for adults in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series his enthusiasm for Artemis has most certainly not dwindled (he is of course the Puffin of Puffins after all) and neither has his, very typically, Irish sense of humour!

Following a day of interviews which began with BBC Breakfast and took in Channel 4 and Amazon (where he has knocked Stephanie Meyer off the no. 1 spot) Eoin then went on to broadcast a live web chat before submitting to questions for Julia Eccleshare and the gathered audience on the 10th floor of Puffin on the Strand in London.

With a new story comes the inevitable new twist and whilst Eoin was giving little of the story away in case the assembled audience had not been lucky enough to read it (I was one of the few who had and can highly recommend it). he did however read a very short excerpt before answering a few questions and having us all in stitches with his replies!

Artemis fowl and the Atlantis Complex is Colfer's opportunity to punish Artemis for the wrongs he has committed by giving him a fairy illness and forcing him to face a few truths, along with the fact that perhaps he is growing up... This is new territory for author and character, there are light touches but a lot of psychology that older fans will enjoy. It is a book to be read on many levels and as such it will appeal to fans of all ages.

Eoin still gets immense pleasure from Artemis and enjoys writing his stories as much as we all love reading them. he reassuringly told us that there is more still to come and we should perhaps look forward to even more excitement for Artemis' 10th anniversary next year!

Thanks to Puffin for putting on the event, Julia for some great questions and Eoin for being such a funny, lively and brilliant author - go out and buy the new book now!!

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