Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Dairy of A Wimpy Kid hits the Big Screen

Sophisticated, funny, contemporary and timeless.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, set to come to the big screen in the UK on August 27th this year, is a film not to be missed so put the date into your diary now!

Last night I was among a lucky few film journalists and young reviewers invited to an advance preview screening of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I can happily report that the film's producers, along with the book's author Greg Kinney as executive director, have bought to life Greg, Rowley, their friends and families with some brilliance.

Opening with animated verisons of Jeff Kinney's comic strips from the book the film leads with a strong narrative throughout. Greg's voice guides the reader through the expression of his pre-teen angst and emotions with pleny more animated comic strips to come. We laugh with Greg and his friends as well as at them, want to shout at them and cry for them as they progress through their first year in Middle School with all its ups and downs. Knowing the stories inside out kids going to watch this film will not be disappointed, casting has been intelligent, the actors may not quite resemble their stick-like comic strip creations but they have certainly found wimps, geeks, nerds and actors who capture the essence of each character.

The beauty of a film is being able to use artistic licence. This may not always be a popular option but in this instance it works. The producers have been able to give prominence to characters who in the book may only have one or two lines. Bringing them to life in the film adds a new dimension to the story and provides a whole cast for film-goers to identify with. Add to this a brilliant soundtrack and a storyline that is faithful and the necessary ingredients for a great film that will no doubt thrill many, if not all of the readers of the 28 million books sold to date.

A film for the whole family with a timeless and enduring quality. Make sure 27th August is a date with the Wimpy Kid in your diary, oops, should that be JOURNAL?

With thanks to Twentieth Century Fox for the opportunity to see this film and report it to you.

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