Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Crime Meets Slime!

The first visitor's to my library this morning are regulars. A charming pair of girls who are incredibly keen readers but really made me smile this morning when, on reading the blurb of the latest book, Millie gave Sophie the go ahead to read it with her full approval. When asked why this was needed she responded well I am her brain!

This seemed to be a wonderful concept, walk around with a detached brain that can be put to use at any time - surely the perfect idea for a wonderfully funny story.
This leads me perfectly of course to the latest incarnation from the apparently unstoppable pen and imagination of Steve Cole - Slime Squad. the first two books, The Fearsome Fists and The Toxic Teeth introduce us to a whole host of new characters, good and bad of course!

The Slime Squad are born from the discarded work of a "SUPER-BONKERS scientist" who in despair at his failure to create "mutant mini-monsters"to clean up the planet discards his lifetime's work all over a rubbish dump. Born from this are some "bold, inventive monsters" who create a home and a world in the dump. All is not well however for whilst there were some monsters born from the good waste still others were born from bad, thus is born the Slime Squad.

From this premise adventures are formed and the first finds the squad battling a team of evil monsters who are stealing teeth in order to create new life. They have already met the villain, Lord Klukk, in the first story when he creates a gang of fists designed to steal as much money as possible...

The Slime Squad, along with their "mega-mechanical boss" PIE must fight the bad guys and show the world that they, and their good deeds are here to stay.

With the usual brand of Steve Cole humour "We must get tooth the bottom of this mouthy mystery" which will have grown-ups cringing Steve Cole will find himself a new legion of fans clamouring to read these accessible and funny stories. Of course the addition of more brilliant illustrations from Woody Fox makes this team almost as unbeatable as their characters!

Perhaps some readers will even be spurred on to do their bit for the environment and ensure that no more baddies are created from discarded toxic waste...

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