Friday, 26 February 2010

Relaunch Takes Off In Style!

I may not have the best mathematical mind words rather than numbers mean alot more to me but when I heard that Steve Cole has written 45 books in 5 years and that over 2 million copies of the Astrosaurs series have now been sold even I was stunned by such numbers!

Such is the success of the series that Steve Cole created just a few years ago that last night, despite the rain, a group of adult fans and friends joined Steve and his RHCB cadet team to celebrate his achievement, see the Astorsaurs books with bright new covers and get a sneaky preview of a brand new series.

It seems that Steve Cole is unstoppable for this year he will launch Slime Busters a new series whose tag line is Fighting Crime with Slime! There will be the second book in the Z-Rex series for older readers and his very first picture book too. This is an author whose imagination knows no bounds and who throws himself with great enthusiasm into all aspects of his work. Steve was as stunned by the numbers as the rest of us, was enjoying a great party and was particularly pleased to have met Woody Fox, the talented illustrator of his books who had come up all the way from Devon.

Thanks go to Steve for a brilliant series of books and yet more to look forward to and also the team at RHCB for finding him, keeping him and letting us all in for a sneak preview of some exciting new stories to come this year.

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