Sunday, 14 February 2010

Books of Love and Flowers for Valentines'

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love; it is usual to find gifts of flowers and chocolate from a loved one on such a day. How often are any of us given books – would we even consider a book on a day of love? Well if the answer is no then I would urge you to rethink after all we have all fallen in love with a book and often declare how much we love to read so why not consider giving a book as an expression of love? Rather than the usual gifts from husband to wife, boyfriend to girlfriend and so on, why not think about giving a child a gift on Valentine’s Day, after all we love them too.

I have found two books perfect for sharing on Valentine’s Day, books that will be loved by children and adults alike. The first is Love-A Duck written by Alan James Brown with illustrations by Francesca Chessa and published by Meadowside. It is an adorable story of one little yellow duck, Love-a-Duck, and his bath-time companion Jane. Love-a-Duck has lost his squeak and when he inadvertently falls out of the bathroom window he sets out on an exciting adventure to find it again and to discover just how special he really is. A simple and charming story to share with bright, vibrant, solid and simple illustration to charm the youngest reader at bath and bedtime this is a warm, witty and loving story with delightful illustration.

For older readers, young listeners and I would certainly say adults too I suggest Flower Heaven by Else Wenz-Vietor, published by Floris Books. With its solid hardback, red spine binding and flower-fairy-esq front cover illustration this book has a wide appeal before the pages have even been turned. It tells the story mistreated flowers who have found their way to Flower Heaven where they are tended, nurtured and kept safe by the gentle flower angels. Taking place over just one evening there are snipped roses, de-petaled daisies and thirsty garlands. Over the course of the evening the flowers tell their tale and the angels tend to their patients. This charming, simple and slightly old-fashioned story presents the flower’s point of view and gently explains to the young listener how they might perhaps better care for the beauty and bounty of the nature around them. As I say a book for children and adults alike.

Both titles would make charming gifts of love on a Valentine’s Day and charming reading all year round. Share the gift of love as often as you can with a book.

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