Sunday, 7 June 2009

Pongwiffy is 21!

Pongwiffy is 21! The Witch of dirty habits has made it sucessfully through to such a grand age that a party in her honour, and of course for her creator Kaye Umansky was the least that could be done to celebrate. What a party it was to. In a charmingly quiet street tucked away behind Notting Hill Station Kaye's long time agent and friend gathered together a small group of friends, family, editors and publishers to wish Pongwiffy a very happy 21st birthday. There was a stunning cake, pictured here (with thanks to Mary Hoffman for suplying the photos) with Kaye, which momentarily rendered her speechless on its presentation. Along with the flowing pink champagne and homemade canapes who could ask for more?
An evening of laughter, chat and fun was had by all who attended, thanks were offered to all those who had supported Kaye over the years and had managed to make it to the party. Pongwiffy is now Back on Track in her latest story, trying very hard to get the witches fit and taking part in a special 'Olumpick Games'. The backlist is being published with new covers providing adults and children alike with the opportunity to rediscover and discover the joys of this wonderful witch!

Thank you for creating a wonderful character Kaye, and thank you Caroline for a wonderful evening.

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