Thursday, 6 October 2011

Back - Finally - Into History

I am very sorry that I ahve been away for so long, I had not realised the start of a new term would be quite so nusy. I ahve however not been away from books and if you have been following me on Twitter @Armadillomag, you'll see that I;ve been busy with my daily reading diet!

So what have I found to enthrall you all with today - some wonderful new titles fromBarrington Stoke. Having been asked to cover some history lessons at school last week - two on the Tudors and one on Victorian factories - I was thrilled to find in my post two new Barrington Stoke titles set in history.

Anne Perry is busy writing a series of time-slip or time-travel, depending on your preferred phrase, stories. The series begins with Tudor Rose in which the heroine, Rosie, finds she has been given a very special time piece, one that will send her back to the court of Queen Elizabeth, find her in the Queen's court assisting her as she stands firm against the Spanish Amarda.

Rose of No-Man's Land takes our heroine to the hospitals of Flanders in the First World War where Rose meets Edith Cavell, a nurse executed for her bravery and courage in helping soldiers escape.

The reader learns some interesting historical lessons, as does Rose, who also learns how to stand up for herself at school, learns courage and meets some of history's most important women in their darkest hours.

Exciting new fiction from an award-winning publisher and something for teen girls who may be a little reluctant to read, to really get their teeth into.

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