Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A further taste of history ...

Wow what a challenge! Have you decided which faction to follow? If not then I urge you to read Mary's book, David. It may help your decision but above all else it is a gripping read.

How do I follow an author who is such a talent? Well I love historical novels and David put me in the mood for reading some more so here is just a taster of some of the books I have been enjoying in the last week and that, with the summer holidays upon us, you may enjoy too.

First of all there was VIII by Harriet Castor, then came Wickedness by Deborah White, Jake Ransom and the Howling Sphinx by James Rollins and I have just finished Emerald by Karen Wallace.

Some of these names may sound familiar, others shouldn't as they are new to children's fiction! Harriet Castor is one, her brilliant and insightful portrayal of the young Henry VIII is a real eye-opener and a great page-turner too. This is a very exiciting concept, looking at historical figures and considering how their childhoods shaped their adult lives.

In Wickedness Deborah White brilliantly weaves past with present, 400 years separate her two heroines but they have much in common not least the mysterious Doctor an Egyptian mummy and a curse. An engaging read to look forward to.

Jake Ransom is no stranger to trouble having already battled the evil Skull King he now has to battle him once again in order to gain control of the Eye of Ra, save his sister and an ancient civilization. Just in case you are thinking that I have got stuck in Ancient Egypt too (it has certrtainly felt that way the last two weeks with my MA work) ...

Emerald brings me back to the Tudors and this time Elizabeth I, a plot to kill the queen, bear baiting and some good old traditional romance. Karen Wallace is a well established and well-known author but this, her first foray into historical fiction is fascinating and a brilliant read.

So get stuck into some great historical ficition and be prepared to be swept away!

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