Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Taking a Dark Ride

Do you dare take a Dark Ride?

They say that good things come in threes. Okay maybe they don’t say that, but on a grey May Wednesday good things came in threes for me when I was introduced to

a lovely independent bookshop,
a fantastic new writer,
and an unputdownable story.

Owl Books in Kentish Town was the setting for the launch of Dark Ride by Caroline Green. Dark Ride is the story of Bel and Luka. There’s a love story, a creepy disused fairground, and plenty of mystery, but I’m afraid I can’t reveal any more. I will only say that I made the person next to me on the train jump at one point…

I was completely caught up in this story and cared about the characters, especially the narrator, Bel. As you can see if you follow this link to hear Caroline reading the first chapter: Bel is sarcastic and very funny. In fact, Bel and the humour with which she tells her story are my favourite things about the book. Humour draws the reader into the love story and the mystery – and it is a feature that is quite rare in teen love stories, especially the dark and magical kind.

At the launch Caroline’s editor read out the book’s first review. It was from a 14-year-old girl, who said ‘I did not want it to end. Bel and Luka are two characters you don’t want to let go of when the book ends.’ I think Caroline Green should get used to reviews like this. Teen readers, and people like me (who like to pretend they still are teen readers) are going to love her.

Thanks to all at Piccadilly Press for lovely organising, the Owl Bookshop for lovely hosting, Caroline for lovely writing, her friends for the lovely food, and finally, apologies for overuse of the word lovely.

Photo credit: Candy Gourlay

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