Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Autumn in Spring

Last night a lovely group of publishers, librarians, magazine editors and bookshop staff joined Orion editors and Liz Kessler in Lodn's Covent Garden to celebrate the launch of her stand-alone story A Year Without Autumn. Liz began to write this marvellous story six years ago and was recommended to put it on the shelf, after shedding a few tears she did as she was told, and wrote a few more stories very successful stories, keeping this one faithfuly on that shelf!

Feeling the time was now right, her editors at Orion decided A Year Without Autum could now be published. The time is most certainly right now for this beautiful book. We may be enjoying Spring but there is nothing wrong with a little Autumn, or is there? In this beautiful, tender and yet pacey book Liz tackles family friends and time-slips! I won't go into detail here but please do visit Armadillo Magazine for a wonderful review.

Liz was a charming celebratee thoroughly enjoying the evenuing and meeting many new people. Thanks to Orion for a lovely event and of course for keeping this great book for the perfect moment and then allowing Liz to share it with us all.

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