Thursday, 10 March 2011

Loud Music!

My husband loves to play his cd's at a very high volume and I find myself sounding like my own parents when complaining about the voume so it was with a great deal of amusement that I read Kaye Umansky's Tales from Whitchway Wood: Crash 'n' Bang.

Umansky is on fine form and back in Witchway Wood not with Pongwiffy this time but a host of new characters. She has turned her storytelling skills to the tales of some of the others we always knew lived in the woods but who were always on the periphery of the action. They are now firmly in the centre of it and making a lot of noise too!

Witchway Wood may be a magical place but it is not always a favourable magic that befalls its residents as the Witchway Rhythm Boys are about to discover.

This band comprising a dragon, fiend and leprechaun, not forgetting the later addition of a Werewolf have their own share of problems, some of which seem to be the result of magic, some of which are the result of being in a not very well-known rock band! they are loud that much is certain and yes they do have some talent but there is one thing missing ... a singer ...

Become a groupie, follow the band as they set out to win the Battle of the Bands. Are they any good? Will they ever find a singer? Will they make it to the venue? Will magic, politics and romantic rivalry spoil the day or can the band win? Will Skulgooey's kitchen ever get cleaned and will they make it to the cake sale? Lots of questions, but if you read the story there are lots of answers.

Kaye Umansky is a talented writer of funny, unusual but above all warm books that will endear her to children of all ages. Funny books can be taken seriously as 'proper' reading books, just start with this one and you will soon see how.

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