Sunday, 3 October 2010

Can I Share or Shall I do It All Myself??

Okay, hands up, I admit that when packages arrive on my desk at work and I open them up to find books spilling out that publishers want me to review for Armadillo I am actually very loathe to part with them. I want to read them all myself and as a result review them too. I love the reviewing but I have to say it is the temptation of reading them all which is the real draw! I am however good and having learnt to delegate I do actually make sure that they are shared among my reviewers and that if they look really good I buy copies for the school library too.

The temptation to read all these wonderful books is just one temptation in my life, the other is to want to do everything at home myself, that way I can be sure it is done to my exacting standards!! Well not quite but at least I know that things have been done…

So when I opened up yet another exciting parcel to find the latest title from Andersen Press and Tony Ross, A Little Princess Story with the title ‘I Want to Do It Myself’ I just had to keep this one back! Imagine my sheer joy and surprise then when the next book to come out was Share! a glorious new title from the pen of Andrea Simmons and the drawing board of Georgie Birkett. A better combination could not have been planned!

You are probably wondering by now what the Little Princess wants to do all by herself … well … she wants to go camping! Off she sets with bags packed but, on finding the perfect spot it appears that the little princess has forgotten the tent, and the cooking equipment and … well the list goes on. luckily there are some quiet and secretive helping hands to ensure that all goes smoothly, the only trouble is that on the way home the bags do seem very heavy! A story in which lots happens as if by magic which is how I often feel myself! If you love the Little Princess stories then you will also love A Little Princess Trilogy which also landed on my desk recently and is a great collection of 14 wonderfully hilarious stories along with puzzles to play - so go on, indulge!

Share on the other hand finds a brother and sister having to do just that – learn how to share. From toys to food and even bathtime whatever one sibling loves the other automatically desires to share and after all that is what Mummy wants them to do. Delightfully cheeky this picture book is the perfect size for sharing, will bring a smile to all faces and will make the perfect shared bedtime book. It is also a very important message to children about how to share.

The wonderfully bold, bright and vibrant pictures in both these books are a testament to the skill of the illustrators who know just how to appeal to young eyes, theirs is a skill I would love to share but I remain content to know that I can share in other ways as can we all.

And now I am off to enjoy the late Sunday afternoon sun and check that the rabbits and chickens are sensibly sharing the garden and perhaps even some lovely fresh eggs for the soufflĂ© dinner….

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