Monday, 6 September 2010

Reading Cooks!

You have probably heard people trying to promote reading use slogans such as Reading Rocks but I have decided this evening that reading cooks!

I realise this might sound very abstract and off-the-wall but its true, reading does cook, for without being able to read we would not be able to make use of recipe books that new institution that no self-respecting household, we are told, should be without. Cookery is everywhere now, with the advent of celebrity chefs, celebrity masterchef and more it is no longer just in the kitchen but on the TV in our books and very much in our lives.

Having recently watched the film Julie & Julia I learnt that cooking can inspire, it can change lives and fortunes but only if the cook can read and possibly even write. Cookery books are full of wonderful, mouth-watering recipes and they are also full of fascinating information. When a teacher returned a book on ice cream making to me today with the loaded question "Does this actually belong in the library" I thought it was a real shame they did not appreciate that to get children reading we must encourage them in any way possible. Cookery books are forever popular and we can even read stories about the joy of food and cooking - so Reading Cooks!

Until I came up with this idea I was upset that I had spent most of my weekend baking for birthdays and parties and not relaxing with a book. I realised this evening as I baked once again that I had enjoyed the experience of searching the books, reading the comments of the authors and following their advice. Delve into a cookbook, be amazed by what it can teach you, enjoy the reading experience and the end result, not many books can do this so lets treasure them, use them and enjoy them!

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