Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter

Easter is a time for celebration, it is obviously imbued with religious significance but its also an opportunity for families to come together and enjoy a long weekend of fun and games, Easter egg hunts and chocolate. What do we do with little ones when they are worn out with all the activity or with those who have eaten too much chocolate, or those, who like me cannot eat chocolate? My answer is of course books - we can never too many of these and I have some wonderful recommendations to make of books that are not just for Easter!

The Usborne Little Book of Chocolate is perfect for fact finders and chocloate
lovers alike for it reveals the history of chocolate from its origins in ancient Mexcio where a bitter chocolate drink was the favourite indulgence through to the soild milk chocolate that we eat today all types, and flavours of chocolate are considered. This book is sure to leave the mouth watering and the brain filled with interesting trivia!

Once this little gem has got the taste buds tickled then where better to turn than to an inter-galactic chocolate covered adventure story featuring a princess some rather mean aliens and a host of wonderfully bright and funny characters Gillian Rogerson and Sarah McIntyre have created a brilliant picture book to share with children, take them on a wonderful adventure and find them drooling over the many sweets decorating the pages, available in both hardback and paperback editions this would make a brilliant alternative to a chocolate Easter egg if you are stuck for a gift and is of course one that can be enjoyed long past this weekend.

As if this were not enough the story of Easter can be shared with Caroline Church's Here Comes Easter featuring an eggciting Easter egg hunt and a number learning exercise - a fun book that helps children learn on many levels and with a durable board book format this is perfect for even the littlest and most chocolate covered fingers! Finally why not turn to Val Gorbachev's charming Little Chick, the story a mother hen and her lost chick told with charm and wit this is the story of how one missing chick causes a great search, only to be found safe and sound taking a nap - will any of the characters learn? Turn to this for a charming read and a nice wind down after a hectic day at any time but perhaps especially this weekend!

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