Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Enter a Pastworld if you dare!

Ian Beck’s fist venture into teenage literature has resulted in a darkly gothic tale of a future London that is a Victorian dystopia.

More widely known for his picture books and illustration as well as his recent Tom Trueheart stories for junior readers Ian is a much loved and favourite author. As he opens up his skill to a new audience he reveals another side to his character and a new set of skills as an author. There are not many who can travel from gentle picture books to dystopian gothic horror!

Pastworld is the creative genius of a corporation in love with the ideals of a Victorian society. They have created a world populated by people who know very little of the real time in which they live, they are in an alternative reality, they are a theme park but they do not all live by the rules.

The gawkers or visitors from outside undergo a thorough process before being admitted to Pastworld, but those inside are under no such obligations, watched over by the police and special intelligence services they are still very much free to behave as they would and the authentic Victorian fogs merely aide and abet their crimes.

There is one inparticular – the fantom who haunts both those inside and out of the Pastworld he has a sinister murderous criminal with dark secret and he is after just one person.

Eve is an innocent but curious young girl, it is through her journal and the narration of Inspector Catchpole that we are drawn into this dark world.

Dark, gruesome and yet compelling this is a wonderful story from a highly creative mind and it has some wonderfully authentic touches. Watch the special trailer by following this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRtAOFkUyuc and then seek out Pastworld for yourself.

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