Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Beware - The Thornthwaite Inheritance

Under threat as I was from exploding tennis balls I still had the opportunity to enjoy a great evening in the Bloomsbury Boardroom in the company of Gareth P Jones, his family, friends and an assortment of other guests all of whom had gathered to celebrate Gareth's latest title The Thornthwaite Inheritance.  Packed full of plots, innovative ways in which to potentially kill your sibling (don't try them at home!) and some very dark humour the book is a great addition to Gareth's growing output.  When he is not writing he is producing television programmes and children be thankful that his imagination has now taken him on another journey to yet another story!
A great evening full of laughs, not only at the name badges and unfortunate accidents due to befall each of us this was a great opportuinity to celebrate true talent and toast Gareth's success, long may it continue!

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